Both parents are responsible for the custody, supervision and education of the child, as well as financially supporting that child.

If there is a breakdown in the relationship of the parents, those responsibilities do not change.

If the parents cannot agree on the custody and support of their children and institute court proceedings, then they are required to attend a family mediation information session.  Couples with children are entitled to six free mediation sessions with a licensed family mediator.

Both parents are required to contribute to the financial needs of the child, in proportion to their means.

The amount of child support payable is calculated based on a formula that takes into account the number of days per year each parent will spend with the child, the number of children and the income of each parent.

Child support payments are administered through the Quebec Ministry of Revenue, which collects and distributes the payments once it has received a court judgment.

If a couple agrees to handle the collection and payment between themselves, they must explicitly state that in an agreement ratified by the court and request an exemption.  The parent paying the support must then provide a surety to Revenue Quebec to guarantee the payments.

The above is intended to provide general information and is not to be taken as legal advice for a particular situation.  If you require a legal opinion, please contact an attorney.